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Chateau Robinet, an insane asylum, admitted a man who was apparently infected. Dr. Reynard Boise, the chief adminstrator of the asylum stated in his official report the following. "The patient appears incoherent, almost feral, with a insatiable lust for violence. . . . With jaws that snap like a rabid dog, he successfully wounded one of the other patients before being restrained.” The bitten patient was treated by having his bite mark bandaged, and given a drink of rum before being put back in a communal cell with over fifty other inmates who he attacked when he turned. The staff and the guards were too frightened by the screams coming from the cell to try to do anything until a week had passed. At that point, the only things present in the room were five zombies, and parts of several dozen people. Afterwards, Boise quit his position and returned to private life. Napoleon himself personally ordered that the asylum be closed, "purified", and turned into a rest home for army veterans. No one knows anything about the first zombie, where he came from, how he became infected, whether he infected anyone else before being sent to the asylum, or even what happened to him or the other zombies.

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