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A zombie outbreak of unknown origin struck the island of St. Lucia in 1862, beginning in the lower-class white segment of its largest settlement, Castries. The black population of the island recognized the symptoms of zombification and tried to warn the authorities but were ignored; white residents, lacking such cultural knowledge, imprisoned the zombies, then left those bitten in this effort untreated. Within two days, Castries was overrun with zombies. After the local militia failed to subdue the ghouls, the white islanders, including many bitten, fled into the countryside, taking the plague with them. The survivors of the second wave fled the island entirely or holed up in its fortresses of Rodney Bay and Vieux Fort. The black islanders, meanwhile, left to fend for themselves, organized into zombie-hunting units and systematically cleared the island of the undead within a week. When British and French military units from nearby islands arrived, however, they punished the remaining islanders for a "slave revolt." Surviving slaves were returned to their servitude, and all free black and mulatto survivors were enslaved or executed. British and French government records describe the incident only as a "slave revolt" with no mention of the zombies. However, the story lives on in local legend, and a monument to the event is rumored to exist somewhere on the island.

While the source of the initial zombie infection is officially unknown, it is possible that one or more zombies from the wreck of the Marialva shambled their way across the ocean floor and onto the island's shore. However, that undead could remain active for more than 70 years seems a bit far-fetched.

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