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The Portuguese merchantman named Marialva left Bissau, West Africa, with a cargo of slaves heading for Brazil -- and never reached its destination. Three years later, a Danish vessel named Zeebrug spotted the drifting ship. A party was dispatched to find and salvage anything of use. Instead they found a cargo full of undead Africans still chained to their bunks, writhing and moaning. Bite wounds were also found on their bodies. The only remains of the Portuguese crew was the captain's body, locked in his cabin with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. The Danish party, believing the ship to be cursed, immediately rowed back to their vessel and reported what they found to the captain. The Mariavla was then sunk with cannon fire.

No records from the Marialva were salvaged, and no clear evidence was ever found of the initial infected person, but since all of the Africans were chained, the initial vector was likely one of the crewmen. In this case, the slaves were left either to witness the crew devouring their countrymen or to watch as the infection crept torturously along the ranks of chained slaves and their increasingly closer neighbors turned.

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