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During his circumnavigation of the globe, Francis Drake, the famous pirate and explorer, pitched anchor at an unnamed island to restock his supplies of food and fresh water. While he was buying supplies, the natives warned him to stay away from a nearby small cay that was supposedly the lair of the "Gods of the Dead". Local custom had the natives place the dead and terminally ill on the island, where the gods supposedly then took them, body and soul, to live on forever. Interested by the story, Drake decided to investigate. Watching from the safety of his ship, Drake observed a group of natives put a dying man on the beach of the island. The natives then blew several calls from a conch shell, then quickly returned to their boats and left. Shortly after, Drake saw several figures stagger out of the jungle to feed on the body before returning. He was startled to see the partly eaten victim rise up and follow the others. Drake never talked about the incident during his life, the account was discovered in a secret journal that he kept hid until his death. The journal passed from one personal collector to another, and eventually found its way into the library of Admiral Jackie Fischer, the father of the modern Royal Navy. In 1907 Fischer had it copied and gave it to several of his friends as a Christmas gift. In the journal, Drake provided the exact coordinates for the mysterious island, which he called “the Isle of the Damned.”

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