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The natives tell of a sickness that darkens the soul, causing a
thirst for the blood of their brothers. They tell of men, women,
even children whose flesh have become gray with rot and possess
an unholy smell. Once darkened, there is no method of healing,
save death, and that can only be achieved throughfire, since the
body becomes resistant to all arms of man. I believe this to be a
tragedy of the heathen, for; without their knowledge of Our Lord
Jesus Christ, there was indeed no cure for this illness. Now that
we have blessed their masses with the light and truth of His love,
we must strive to seek these darkened souls, and cleanse them
' with all the force of Heaven.
This text was, supposedly, taken from the accounts of Father
Esteban Negron, a Spanish priest and student of Bartolome de las
Casas, previously edited from the original works and recently discovered
in Santo Domingo. Opinions vary on the authenticity of this manuscript.
Some believe it to be a part of a Vatican order to suppress all
information on the subject. Others believe it to be an elaborate hoax
along the lines of the "Hitler diaries."
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